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All Apptorium Apps – Up to 50% off

Apptorium is celebrating 10 Years of creating seriously helpful productivity apps. You can get a bundle of all their apps for 50% off, or purchase any individual app at a significant discount:

  • SideNotes: Quick notes on the side of your screen. To work. To plan. To inspire. 40% off
  • Workspaces 2: Launch any workspace (files, websites & apps) with one click. All important links to your projects in one place. 40% off
  • TeaCode: Text expanding app for developers. Write your code super fast. 40% off
  • Expressions: An app to play with regular expressions. Makes your regex testing easy. 37% off
  • ScreenFocus: Auto-dim side monitors. Limit exposure to the screen light. And tune your focus up. 37% off
  • FiveNotes: Short-term notes for long-term productivity. Note down instantly – offload your mind for greater things. 40%  off

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