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Everyone has photos that are almost perfect--if only that person hadn't been standing in the background, or that unsightly blemish on a face. Snapheal is at it's best when solving these kinds of problems. It can erase extra objects from images, fix skin imperfections and heal damaged old photos. Although those are Snapheal's primary features, […]


We just started a Facebook page: to celebrate, we're giving away FIVE $15 iTunes gift cards! To enter, just like the Two Dollar Tuesday page. Five winners will be randomly selected and announced on Monday, August 20. To enter, all you have to do is like the Two Dollar Tuesday page on Facebook.


To celebrate the launch of Mountain Lion, we're giviing away App Store gift cards. Win one of two $10 App Store gift cards, just by tweeting. Your gift card can be used for anything in the Mac App Store or iOS Store. You can also use it for music and movies in iTunes if you […]


Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference is almost here (it starts June 11). We're taking a break from Tuesday deals because of the conference, but as consolation, we're giving away promo codes! We've got over 30 promo codes for six great apps: ❖ WriteRoom   ❖ Chronicle   ❖ MenuPop   ❖ Shortcuts   ❖ Divvy   […]


Trickster is a new productivity boosting application from Apparent Software. I've been playing with it for a while, and so far, I like it. Trickster runs in your menu bar, and keeps track of the files and applications you use, so you can access them quickly later. When you first launch Trickster, it presents you […]


If you need (or want) to keep track of how where your time goes while working, Two Dollar Tuesday recommends TimeKeeper. TimeKeeper excels at two things: it makes it quick to record what you are doing, and painless to view reports showing how much you have been working on various tasks. Good Stuff TimeKeeper includes […]