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Bundle for MS Office Templates: Templates for Powerpoint

The ideal tool for users of MS Office, Bundle for MS Office Templates provides you with over 35,000 unique designs for Word documents, spreadsheet templates for Excel, first-class slideshow themes for Powerpoint, over 2000 images, and graphics for illustrating your content. All templates are available in the US and international paper sizes.

Bundle for MS Office Templates is free to download with free items in each category and in-app purchases for instant use. All items can be purchased individually or in packs. The bundle for MS Office unlocks all the items within the Bundle for MS Office Templates and enables free content updates. With Bundle for MS Office Templates, your work will always be the most productive.

Royalty-free stock images, illustrations, photographs in a fast-growing library. It can be used in both personal and commercial projects.

Requires Microsoft Office 2008 or later, which has to be purchased separately.Β The latest versions of MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Powerpoint are recommended.

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