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Vicinno 12C Financial Calculator is the best emulator of well known HP 12C RPN Financial Calculator on Mac. Built with identical mathematics and algorithms of the original, it gives you exactly the same capabilities with BETTER performance and MORE features.

Features include:

  • Time value of money TVM
  • Cash flow analysis NPV, IRR
  • Amortization
  • Bonds
  • Depreciation
  • Loan payments calculation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Date arithmetic
  • RPN entry
  • Programmable
  • In-app user manual, quick start guide, and online support
  • Option to enable/disable audible key clicks, and
  • Easily switch between US and EU data format/period or commas as the decimal point
  • Automatically save/restore settings
  • Keyboard shortcuts on all keys for fast input
  • Copy-to-clipboard function to easily copy the calculation result
  • More ...

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