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Anesidora is an easy to use, minimalistic and beautiful app for listening to Pandora Radio on your Mac.

The app allows full Pandora experience on your Macintosh – you can log in or create an account if you don't have one. The app downloads all your stations and the search allows you to create new ones. You can like, ban or temporarily ban each song, so the radio you're listening to is even more personalised. Anesidora has a built-in scrobbler, so each song is saved on Want to share a song, but your friend uses either Spotify or Apple Music? No problem – Anesidora will try to find a link to the song and copy it.

Proxy The app detects if you're outside the United States and automatically applies a proxy, so every feature of Pandora is available to you. Have your own proxy? No problem – you can change it in the app preferences.

Hotkeys Anesidora supports multimedia keys on your Mac and offers customizable global hotkeys for liking, banning a song and bringing the app to front.

History Anesidora remembers up to 60 songs, so you can like or ban a song even if you haven’t earlier. You can also create a new station based on a track from the list.

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