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Design graphics, icons and screenshots for your iOS and Mac OS X apps with just a few mouse clicks. Using AppGraphic templates and graphics designed by professional artists, you can customize everything and export your own unique images, at the fraction of the cost of hiring a graphic designer yourself.

Here is a list of what AppGraphics has to offer:

Graphics Design:

  • 174 handpicked graphic designs created by a professional artist grouped in 7 categories: Add, Remove, Media Player, Multimedia, Navigation, Share and Misc
  • Customize the color of your graphics
  • Customise the size of your graphics with ease by using one of our predefined sizes: 20pt, 30pt, 40pt, 50pt, 60pt, 90pt, 100pt, 120pt, 150pt or just select a custom value that you prefer
  • Import your own custom graphic design and edit its colour and size
  • Export your graphics in either PNG or JPG format

Icon Design:

  • 43 flat icon templates and 35 coloured icon templates covering a wide range of application categories like: Books, Business, Education, Entertainment, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Magazines & Newspapers, Medical, Music, News, Photo & Video, Productivity, Shopping, Social Networking, Sports, Travel, Utilities and Weather
  • 104 flat letter icon templates covering the entire alphabet and offering 4 artistic fonts to choose from
  • Customize the background colour of your icon
  • Apply gradient to your icon's background to make it more stylish
  • Customize the colour of your flat icon templates
  • Customize the scale of your icon template
  • Select the sizes in which you want to export your icon. All the sizes required for an iOS or Mac OS X app icon are available.
  • Import your own custom icon and quickly resize it depending on your needs
  • Export your icon(s) in either PNG or JPG format

Screenshot Design:

  • Create both iOS and Mac OS X app screenshots
  • 6 screenshot devices: iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro
  • 2 device colours: black and white
  • 2 device orientations: portrait and landscape
  • 27 handpicked screenshot backgrounds grouped in 3 categories: Color, Gradient and Image
  • Add a text description to your screenshot either above or under the device
  • Customize the colour of your text
  • Modify the vertical offset of your text for a more accurate positioning
  • Add shadow to your text to make it more visible
  • Customize the font of your text by choosing one of the 20 available handpicked fonts
  • Add your screenshot description directly on your original iPhone/iPad/Mac screenshot
  • Export your screenshots in either PNG or JPG format
So purchase AppGraphics today and you will never need someone else to design your app graphics.

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