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Chronos is an efficient, minimalist, time tracking application with several unique, smart features that make it smarter than your average time tracker, and totally unobtrusive.

The Basics
Click on the Chronos menu bar item to start a timer quickly, without leaving your current app.

Later, view your tracked projects in the main window, where tracked work periods are organized by project and task.

Advanced Intelligent Features
Chronos also includes features to make it smarter than your average time tracker:

• Inactivity Detection: Automatically pauses timer when you are away from the computer.
• Archiving and Invoice Labeling: Hide old or invoiced projects, but keep their records available.
• Export: Export everything in CSV format.

An excellent time tracking application at any price, Chronos is a tremendous value at $1.99. Don't miss it.

Deal ends in approximately:

Deal Value

$ 5.99

You Pay

$ 1.99