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Desktop Social is the best desktop client for Facebook. It gives you instant access to both Facebook & Messenger in one App! And it has almost 100 of amazing features & improvements for better experience!

If love Facebook & Messenger, and use them regularly, then you will love this App.

Key features for Facebook Pages:

  • Theme customization: Change color, background picture & more (Only in this App).
  • Text customization: Change text font, size, color, style & more (Only in this App).
  • Remove all annoying Ads (Only in this App).
  • Hide the stories that you don’t want to see (Only in this App).
  • Automatically zoom photos when mouse hover (Only in this App).
  • Watch videos in new standalone windows (Only in this App).
  • Page layout management (Only in this App).
  • Supports both Desktop Mode & Mini Mode.

Key features for Messenger:

  • Chat with your friends on Facebook Messenger.
  • Send & receive voice messages (Only in this App).
  • Send & received text messages.
  • Quickly reply new messages in popup desktop notifications.
  • Group conversations.
  • Full support for emojis, stickers, and more.
  • Drag & drop to send media files.
  • Download files received.
  • Play videos and voice messages received.

Key features for the Entire App:

  • Show/hide the app’s icon in menubar & Dock (Only in this App).
  • “Privacy Protection”: Set password & lock the app to protect your privacy (Only in this App).
  • Notifications in Desktop, Menubar & Dock for new messages & events.
  • Choose from various sounds for notifications.
  • “Silent Mode”: Disable all notifications at once (Only in this App).
  • “Stealth Mode”: Change the app’s transparency.
  • Change the app’s background color.
  • Use custom hotkey for “Toggle window visibility”, “Silent Mode”, and “Privacy Protection”.
(*Tons of other features are not mentioned in the description, but you can find them in the App).

In Desktop Social, Facebook and its related services are much better on your Mac! Take advantage of this big discount and give Desktop Social a try. You’d love it.

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