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This 5-star app has saved thousands of people space on their drive - the reviews are in and they are unanimously positive.

"Within a minute I had found an additional 31.34 GB to delete."
       - Engadget - Steve Sande

"Featuring a clean, minimalistic interface that looks like it was created by Apple’s own design team, Disk Care is incredibly easy to use. It’s also very powerful."
        - AppAdvice - Bryan Wolfe

"Disk Care is just about cleaning up space on your hard drive and it does so as simply as possible."
        - LifeHacker - Thorin Klosowski

Disk Care is the most powerful and beautiful disk space saving app on the Mac app store. Clean & create gigabytes of unneeded and unwanted files on your drive in a few clicks.

Disk Care 2 is better than ever! Now includes:

  • Password protect Disk Care 2 or use Touch ID to allow the app to delete files
  • Touch Bar and Touch ID support with the new MacBook Pro
  • Now optimizes space in your potentially huge iTunes folder!
Disk Care 2 optimizes the following folders: Cache, App Logs, Old iOS, Downloads, Mail Downloads, Mobile App Files and the Trash.

In addition, in one click, view large files over 100 MB organized by largest to smallest, so you can quickly find and remove large files.

No need to be scared, we guide you through everything that's happening and warn you before cleaning your drive. You can opt out of viewing the tutorial but not the warning before cleaning your drive.

Note: Please, please, please backup your drive just incase you accidentally remove files you wish you didn't. There is no way to undo once you clean your drive.

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