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Turn goals into habits! Don't Break the Chain is an intuitive app that takes advantage of Jerry Seinfeld's productivity secret to help you accomplish more.

Here's how it works: whatever you want to accomplish, you mark it off in the app. Whatever the habit you want to build: coding, exercising, not smoking, etc. Each day you accomplish the task, the app puts a big X on the date. After you’ve accumulated a few X’s, you won’t want to break the visual chain you’ve created.

Using Don't Break the Chain

  • Figure out your goals. Typical goals can include "Write", "Code, "Work", "Exercise", "Clean", "Stop Smoking" or anything else that is important to you.
  • Set daily minimums for each goal. Things like "I will run one mile" or "I will put away 10 stray items" work better than setting a time limit.
  • Set boundaries and rules. The Don't Break the Chain app allows you to skip day for an emergency, or when fulfilling your task isn't possible (perhaps when on vacation), without breaking the chain.
  • Monitor your progress. As soon as you finish one daily activity, use bottom color bar to check off the activity for the day. You can use different colors to color-code the progress of different goals.

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