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Dragging and dropping is a great way to get stuff done on your Mac, but DragonDrop makes it even better. It can be difficult to move things around if you have to keep the mouse button held, especially if the place that you want to drop isn't visible on the screen. DragonDrop springs up with a quick shake of the wrist, and disappears when you drag your object back out.

Conceptually, DragonDrop offers you a place to set things down during a drag-and-drop maneuver. DragonDrop lets you set down what you're dragging, leaving you free to find your destination. You can drag-and-drop to move files and folders around, open documents, move text, apply colors, and much more. Plus, you can paste things into DragonDrop, and cut or copy them back out again.

DragonDrop works with just about anything you can throw at it. Drop in files, folders, text snippets, web sites, colors — you name it.

You can tell what's inside with it's sweet QuickLook integration. It has full cut, copy, and paste integration with your clipboard. You can drag as many items as you want into DragonDrop at a single time. DragonDrop will hold on to all of them, and they will all come out together when you drag them back out.

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