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Heads On Display is a handy time-saver for developers who use 'git:' It shaves several seconds off the oft-performed task of checking your current branch while you work, eventually saving you countless hours over the course of a project.

How do YOU check your current git branch when you're **not** already using the command line? In the past, you've probably done something like this:

  1. Launch Terminal
  2. Type `cd /to/the/project/dir`
  3. Type `git branch` (or, if you've got `` set up, you **might** skip this step)
  4. Scroll back to look for your current HEAD
  5. Try to remember where you started, and move on...

But now with Heads On Display, this oft-repeated process can be replaced by the much simpler:

  1. Glance up

Now get back to developing.

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