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Control your computer from anywhere in the world!

iTeleport is a remote desktop application that lets you connect to your Windows, Mac and Linux computers from anywhere. You can view your remote computer's screen, and use the mouse and keyboard just as if you were sitting right in front of it.

Some of the uses for iTeleport include:  
• Access the files on your computer from anywhere.  
• Help your parents with tech support easily.  
• Watch over your child's online behavior to make sure they are safe.  
• Access your work computer from home.

Optionally install the free iTeleport Connect helper utility on your Mac / Windows PC, or configure VNC / RDP manually if you're a tech geek.

What Mac App Store Users are Saying

Rock solid, incredibly useful. … what Back to My Mac should have been … $49.99 to have this essential app on all my machines? Completely worth it."
Simple, Elegant, Just works. Easily control my computers. Worth it. … setup is dead simple. It just works. As soon as I launch the app, I see the computers I want to connect to. …"

SPECIAL BONUS: iTeleport for iOS is also on sale: regularly $24.95, get it on sale today for only $7.99. This version works on both iPhone and iPad.

Deal ends in approximately:

Deal Value

$ 49.99

You Pay

$ 1.99