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Open Winmail.dat, MSG and XPS files. Working together with Windows users shouldn’t be problematic at all. Still, some email messages can not be natively read by the Mac and are packed into Winmail.dat or MSG files that have to be extracted and displayed somehow. Letter Opener for macOS does that with a simple double-click. For this promo, all in-app purchases are $1.99 instead of regular price.

Discount Information - All purchases are $1.99

  • Winmail.dat Premium - Access to attachments in winmail.dat files - regular price $9.99
  • MSG Premium - Access to attachments in MSG files - regular price $9.99
  • XPS Premium - Converts XPS files to PDF format - regular price $9.99
  • File Extension Premium - Fixes files with the wrong or no extension - regular price $3.99

Deal ends in approximately:

Deal Value


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