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The iPad is an amazing instrument, revolutionary, leading edge. And yet, there's something personal about it. From the songs you download to the videos you watch on it, the iPad is distinct to your tastes. MacJournal for iPad is a lot like that too – the perfect blend of technology and individualism. An app that can safely capture your deepest thoughts and keep them private or one that can easily publish to your blog for the world to see.

A heavy-duty lightweight
The iPad is compact and lightweight but MacJournal is a heavy duty journaling application just like its desktop counterpart. It takes full advantage of the iPad's larger, multi-touch screen. Have as many journals as you want with as many entries as you want. Organize your journals using Smart Journals. Find entries with built-in Smart Filters. Customize the display so you can view your information that fits the way you live.

Sociable and unreserved?
MacJournal has the same blogging features as MacJournal for iPhone with even a bit more. Send your blog entries to Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad or WordPress in a matter of a few clicks and swipes. With MacJournal for iPad, you can even download your pre-existing blog entries. Simple and safe, just like it’s supposed to be.

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