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PhotoBulk is an application for editing pictures in batches, it enables you to watermark, resize, optimize, rename and convert lots of pictures in one go. All you have to do is to select images, drag-and-drop them to the app, choose what you’d like to do with them and click ‘Start’.

Add Watermark
Watermark or not watermark your pictures? There are pros and cons to consider, and if you have decided to go for it to protect your pictures, make sure it looks the same on all of them. So the best thing would be to add a watermark to the entire lot in one go. With PhotoBulk you can choose to add a text, image, script or date stamp, adjust various settings and angle under which your watermark is displayed.

Resizing images is a much required option these days - whether you need to upload it on a web-site or email it, we often have to fit a particular size. PhotoBulk allows changing image dimensions to a particular size or by a certain percentage.

JPEG and PNG photos can be optimized - to load faster or meet requirements of certain websites and applications. Decreasing the size of an image does not compromise their quality or resolution.

Giving your images readable names is the easiest way to organize your library. PhotoBulk allows you to give your pictures not only new names, but set file sequences anew.

Some apps and sites require your images to be in certain formats. PhotoBulk can convert a large number of them into PNG, JPG, JPEG or TIFF format and create GIF files.

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