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SimpleEdit is a beautiful, minimal code editor. As simple as it is powerful, SimpleEdit is iCloud enabled and Retina-aware

Sometimes a jam-packed editor is necessary. But in most cases we need something simple, fast and uncluttered.

Yet despite it's minimal interface, the best thing about SimpleEdit is its customizability:

You can create your own themes and definitions for any language you want and need. Its syntax highlighting is fast and robust.

You will love SimpleEdit's customizable command menu. The command menu has customizable actions, scripts, commands, snippets and templates. You can create your own command-line commands or even your own URL requests. So you could post your code with just a single click to an online snippets repository. Or, also with also just one click, you could create a PDF preview from a LaTeX document.

Deal ends in approximately:

Deal Value

$ 4.99

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$ 1.99