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Slik is a blazing fast, keyboard-driven, app and web app launcher. It allows you to create organized and amazing collection of your precious apps to find them quickly. Everything is designed to be responsive, efficient and showcase your apps.

Import and organize your applications via Drag & Drop into categories, add tags, colors, ratings, and find and launch them as fast as the light. Finding and launching apps in Slik is as simple as powerful. As soon as you start typing a part of the application name, a tag, or a number of stars, and the desired apps appear instantly — press the space bar or arrow keys to select the app, and press enter to launch.

Web Apps Mix your Web Apps with your collection of macOS apps, and customize the appearance of the window as you like. Choose the color for the title bar that fits best with the web page design — desktop or mobile version — or just hide the title bar to get a borderless delightful experience. Your web applications looks like a native app, and you can keep his window floating on top while you are working with other apps.

Browser Among all these great features, you can use Slik as a fast and reliable browser. The powerful built-in browser allows you to instantly open a website or a document, make a search on the web, or watch online videos in less time than it takes to blink your eyes.

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