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Super Vectorizer 2 is a professional vector tracing software that automatically converts bitmap images to clean, scalable vector graphic of Ai, SVG, DXF and PDF. The output vector art works seamlessly with Illustrator, Corel, and others.

Super Vectorizer 2 is a major upgrade version of Super Vectorizer. The major differences are:

  1. Super Vectorizer 2 uses a totally-new image quantization algorithm. It produces more natural color after vectorization.
  2. Super Vectorizer 2 supports up to 64 colors, yet Super Vectorizer supports up to 32 colors only.
  3. Super Vectorizer 2: A new color mode with image segmentation polymerization algorithm was unique in the AppStore at present.
  4. A new line tracing engine was applied to Super Vectorizer 2 to trace more clean lines and get more concise vector graphic for the ease of editing. It succesfully avoids a region overlapping by Super Vectorizer.
  5. The new keletonization function enable conversion from pencil drawing into vector graphic.
  6. Super Vectorizer 2: The enhanced pre-processing smoothing function can simplify the complex image very well. The smoothing algorithm is four times better than that of Super Vectorizer.

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