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SyncSettings is the first application able to back up and sync the preferences of your Mac apps. Are you tired of setting up all your apps after a new macOS install or manually keeping the same settings across several macs? SyncSettings will do it for you.

SyncSettings packages your preferences into a single ssbackup file. So, you can then keep your data locally or store them in the cloud. In this way, all your computers will always have access to the same data. All cloud providers are compatible such as iCloud, Google Drive, One Drive, and even GitHub.

The project has been under construction for several months to support the largest number of apps. SyncSettings already supports almost all the applications of the Mac App Store. Besides, the application supports a list of more than 400 non-standard applications and executables.

We thought about developers and designers. Your favorite tools are already integrated: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, Atom, IntellijIdea, Omnigraffle, PHP Storm, PyCharm, Tower 3, Transmit, WebStorm, Xcode, Bash, Bundler, Git, Docker, Emacs, Heroku, Maven, MySQL, Perl, PostgreSQL, Vim, Zsh and much more.

We know that many users use SyncSettings to set up new computers or new versions of macOS. That is why we included a note editor. It allows you to write notes about what to do. Moreover, the app is not limited to preference files. You can specify your own files, and it will back up and sync them seamlessly.

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