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Ever wanted to design your own paradise? Imagine landscape on an alien world? Create your own gorgeous wallpapers with stunning, realistic scenery? Now you can, with TerraRay!

Create beautiful 3D rendered terrains, right from your Mac, with just a few clicks. You have to try it to believe it. Check out the official site to see some examples of what kinds of things you can build with TerraRay.

TerraRay gives you incredible power, with capabilities that were only available to pros in software costing hundreds of dollars until recently. Despite its power, TerraRay is built for simplicity and ease of use – just what you expect from your Mac.

Here are some of the incredible things you can do with TerraRay:

State of the art rendering: TerraRay can generate gorgeous scenes with realistic lighting. All your surfaces reflect light onto other surfaces, just like in real life.

Design with any kind of material: Create terrain with any kind of material you can imagine: earth, sand, rocks ice, snow, grass mud. Preset materials are included so you can quickly apply them to terrain areas.

Use your own models: Import your own 3D models right into scenes created in TerraRay.

Amazing special effects: Fog, clouds, vegetation, water – all of it can be realistically created in TerraRay. Even the natural effects of erosion can be simulated using a complex algorithm. Your landscapes come to life in TerraRay.

TerraRay is filled with powerful, advanced features, yet at the same time is simple enough for beginners to the world of 3D modeling to use. For $2, you can't go wrong!

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