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Use visuals to help you thinking. This app creates and changes IBIS diagrams in order to map out a dialogue/argumentation or a thought/analysis. It uses a simple structure to help you getting to the bottom of your problems. It is of interest for all those that benefit from a graphical representation. Use it alone or during a shared screen session.

The IBIS Notation is a simple graphical presentation of questions and answers with their respective advantages and disadvantages with the following rules:

  • A question can have any number of answers or ideas.
  • Any answer/idea can have any number of arguments for each answer, split into the two categories of pros and cons.

The concept of the IBIS notation is deliberately kept simple to make it useful for many use cases. IBIS is so useful because you can attach a question to any other item. As such you can:
  • question a question (“What are the assumptions behind this question?”), or you can
  • question an answer (“What proof do we have for this statement?”), or you can
  • question a pro or con (“What could we do to overcome this disadvantage?”)
Each of these questions would then have it’s own structure with answers/ideas and pros&cons. And of course can these have further questions attached.

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