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All-in-one Music Player from all of your favorite music sources: Custom Playlists, YouTube, iTunes, SoundCloud, Online Radio, LOOP Music Cloud Storage and more...

LOSSLESS and LOSSY VOX music player supports a variety of audio formats of the highest sound quality, including high fidelity ones.

LOOP for VOX – Unlimited Music Cloud Storage Cloud storages always compress music files and downrate playback quality. With Loop, the unlimited cloud-based music storage built into the VOX music player, you can stream both lossless and lossy music that you uploaded on multiple devices without losing the quality.

More than Playlists VOX organizes music in the custom collections. The iTunes library, local FLAC files, SoundCloud, and YouTube tracks are well-organized in your VOX iPhone music player.

Manual and Preset Equalizer VOX gives its users the full freedom to experiment with the sound using the manual and preset modes of the equalizer. VOX also offers BS2B, Sync Sample Rate.

AirPlay and SONOS and CarPlay VOX was made for those who value music quality, the audiophiles. That’s why VOX player supports the premium sound systems. Listen the gorgeous FLAC sound in your car’s audio system.

Sounds better – Thanks VOX :-)

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