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WALTR 2 is a Magic Drop Area to Convert & Push Media into Any iPhone, iPad or iPod (no jailbreak or iTunes needed). If you want to move a file, whether it's a video, ebook, ringtone, or other media file, from your computer to your iPhone, you'd usually need to use iTunes. WALTR 2 allows you to skip converters, iTunes, and wires altogether. It adapts movies and music for any device. I.e. lossless files remain lossless, ensuring original quality is kept 100%.

  • With WALTR 2, you can wirelessly drag-and-drop any Music, Ringtones, Videos, PDF & ePUB files into iPhone, iPad or iPod without iTunes (& no extra apps). Even files that aren't supported by iTunes, such as FLAC OGG, MKV & AVI.
  • Thanks to its UI, WALTR 2 is probably the best, and most easy-to-use iTunes alternative for transferring media into iPhone or iPad.
  • With WALTR 2, there's no need for time-consuming conversion or a third-party app for playback.
  • Automatically sends everything into the right apps on your iOS device. In other words, songs go to the Music app, electronic books and PDFs are sent to iBooks, videos are shared with the stock Videos app and so forth.
  • WALTR 2 converts videos into .mp4 format before putting it into Apple's pre-installed Videos app (or If you then consume the files from that app, you're taking advantage of the full optimization Apple implemented for your convenience. The same file, played through 3rd party apps can consume twice the amount of battery, if not more.
  • If you have iCloud Music Library activated on your phone, and not on your Mac (which prevents you from syncing via iTunes) – WALTR 2 is a great way for you to bounce non-Apple Music content over to your iPhone. It works perfectly.
To sum it up – It's more than a media format converter, WALTR lets you fill up your Apple mobile devices with your content without worrying about file formats—no jailbreak, separate iTunes sync or another app like Handbrake required whatsoever.

And finally, 4 reasons you will use WALTR 2:
  • To transfer music, ringtones, videos, books without the iTunes fuss.
  • To automatically convert unsupported files like FLAC & MKV, AVI including Ultra-HD 4K, without quality loss.
  • To transfer ePUB & PDF documents into iBooks.
  • To resurrect your old iPod. It supports the entire lineup of Apple iPods, starting with the original iPod Classic, built in 2001.

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