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Workspaces is your personal project assistant. Choose a project you would like to work on and click Start. All the things you need for your work (like apps, documents or websites) will be open at once. Workspaces lives in your menu bar for easy access, or you can bring it up with a keyboard shortcut. Either way, you can open resources you need right now with almost no effort.

Using Workspaces, you can stop searching for project files. Forgot where those important emails were? Or that document? Yeah, it happens. But with Workspaces just take a look at your resource list. You’ll get what you need right away.

  • Super quick access to important documents, websites, folders, apps, e-mails.
  • Everything organized by projects (workspaces).
  • All important things in one place.
  • Start working with one click.
  • Click less and focus on your work.
  • Clean and nice UI

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