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[heading type=”h1″ ]Frequently Asked Questions[/heading]

[heading type=”h3″ ]The timer shows time left, but I can’t get the $2 price in the App Store. Why? [/heading]  

The timing of the discounts in the App Store cannot be precisely controlled to match our countdown timer. Depending on where you are, the deal may end several hours sooner or later than our timer reflects. To make sure you get the deal, don’t wait until too late in the day in your time zone to order.


[heading type=”h5″ ]Will you share my e-mail address?[/heading]  

No, your e-mail address will only be used to e-mail you the weekly Two Dollar Tuesday deal each Tuesday. Our e-mails are sent through the MailChimp e-mail platform, and you can unsubscribe at any time. For more, read our privacy policy.


[heading type=”h5″ ]Why do I see a different price in the App Store?[/heading]  
The $1.99 price is the price in U.S. dollars. However, Mac App Store will display your price in your local currency, so it may be different.


[heading type=”h5″ ]How can these apps be priced so low? What’s the catch?[/heading]  

Two Dollar Tuesday apps can be 70% – 90% off or more. Developers choose to put their apps on sale for a limited time, in order to reach new customers (like you!). There is no catch!