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Mac Utility Bundle

The 2021 Mac Utility Bundle contains 5 elite apps that will make your Mac unstoppable! Here’s what’s included:

Yummy Video Downloader

Yummy is a video downloader that lets you download videos, music, or both from any website and instantly export them to the format you want on your Mac. This easy-to-use software lets you add links one-by-one or drag and drop them directly on the download bar. No matter which website you want to download your videos and music from, chances are it will be supported. With Yummy, you no longer have to convert your files before downloading, as everything you’ll most likely need is already included.

AppKiller: Close All Apps

Tired of getting stuck with open apps and not knowing how to get rid of them? Don’t worry, as with AppKiller, you can kill them all at once – just like that. No matter how many apps you have open or how badly cluttered your CPU and memory are, AppKiller will be there for you. Just go to the status bar and click the link, or use the assigned shortcut. With this software, you can kill all your open apps instantly and start from a clean slate, any time you want!

Markdown+ Markup Editor

Markdown+ lets you edit, style, preview & export your Markdown in macOS. Getting started with this software is really easy as you only have to open the editor and start writing. Your text will be automatically converted, as you type, without having to click a single button. Markdown+ comes with 13 different, vibrant, stylish, and awesome styles to choose from, which will unleash your imagination. Markdown+ not only helps write the most elegant markup but also lets you export it with your preferred style. So, click Export, and you are ready!

FileUnhider: Hide/Unhide Your Files

Tired of trying to unhide your files via the terminal or remember that command you once used? With FileUnhider, you can now instantly hide or unhide all your files with just a single click. No need to keep looking for the right command to show your hidden files, or revert the changes, anymore as it’s just there. Just go to the status bar and click the link, or use the assigned shortcut. In a matter of seconds, you can unhide all of your files. And they’ll automatically appear in Finder!

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