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Apps We Like: TimeKeeper

  • Date Posted

    May 24th, 2012

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    Mike Dattolo

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If you need (or want) to keep track of how where your time goes while working, Two Dollar Tuesday recommends TimeKeeper.

TimeKeeper excels at two things: it makes it quick to record what you are doing, and painless to view reports showing how much you have been working on various tasks.

In the main TimeKeeper interface, you can use the @ symbol for projects, and the # symbol for tasks.

Good Stuff

TimeKeeper includes a customizable menu bar icon, which you can use to open the window (pictured at right). Then it's a simple matter of typing what you are doing and hitting the Start button. TimeKeeper makes things easy on you in the future by allowing you to use symbols to represent projects and tasks: @ represents a project, and # represent a task. This syntax makes it easy to sort your activities later. When accessing reports, you can easily view and filter your activities based on project or task.

The app offers a few other convenient features: the menu bar it keeps a list of your 10 most recently entered activities, so you can quickly select one without typing. The time you've spent on the current activity is displayed in the menu bar. And helpfully, the application can remind you via Growl if you're working at your computer for several minutes without starting the timer.

In the event you do forget to start (or stop) the timer, it's simple to edit an entry and change the start or stop time later.

TimeKeeper also offers sophisticated data export: you can export to CSV or XML, and you can customize exactly how the data will be output.


As quick and simple as TimeKeeper is, I have a few quibbles with it.

For one thing, the app isn't very nice looking. The icon, in particular, is ugly (fortunately, you can hide the icon in the menu bar, and display only the timer, or nothing at all).

Unfortunately, there's no way to hide the dock icon. It's annoying to be forced to keep an icon on the dock when all of the app's interactions take place through the menu bar.

Those minor issues aside, TimeKeeper is an efficient, easy-to-use, powerful time tracking app that has earned a spot on my start-up items list.



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